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"Creatively strengthening our stewardship of the Grand River Watershed through education and the arts."


Grand River Watershed Arts and Music Council



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Grand River water Festival
June 22, 2019


Great Lakes Music Camp
October 3-6, 2019



Children’s Music, Dance & Environment Program. The Mudpuppies program activates children’s environmental imaginations through music and dance. By engaging traditional, contemporary, and cutting edge musicians and dancers from a variety of genres and communities, Mudpuppies introduces children to their watershed, teaching them how to make their voices heard and their ideas known. Our organization has extensive connections with diverse artists because of our relationships developed with Traditional and folk musicians from many communities at the Water Festival and with urban contemporary musicians and dancers at the Breakaway Music Festival.

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Hidden Waterways: Community Watershed Artists Program


Starting Summer of 2018, the Grand River Watershed Arts and Music Council Community Watershed Artists Program is calling on local artists to participate in engaging their communities around water health. We are hiring local artists to paint sidewalk murals that reveal and interpret the “Hidden Waterways” under our streets to initiate local conversations about stormwater pollution. The murals will be chronicled in an interactive map on our website, and engage people in local neighborhoods. This program has been developed in partnership with the Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds and Dr. Sarah King of Grand Valley State University. If interested, please fill out the form and attach your proposed artwork. All designs must be approved by the City of Grand Rapids.